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I was recently honored to be interviewed by Dan Lizette from Podcast Digest. Dan has interviewed some of the biggest and brightest stars of podcasting and it felt like winning the lottery when he reached out to our little show. Dan has a way of getting folks to open up about things. It’s a unique and intimate conversation that you get to participate in and I highly recommend Podcast Digest for anyone looking to gain insight on the podcasts they love but maybe haven’t met yet. The episode I appear on is #130 but I can say that just about any episode you choose to listen to, will inspire, entertain and inform you. I strongly urge you to subscribe to his podcast to learn about new shows and get the inside scoop on your favorites.

EP 18 Bass Reeves – Preeminent Lawman of The Old West

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Among the many fabled lawmen of the old west, Bass Reeves was remarkable. He may have been the inspiration behind the Lone Ranger. Bass was a man whose storied career is one of triumph over adversity, relentless dedication to his craft and a brilliant example of who showed respect, honor, humility and humanity in a world and time when little existed.  Bass Reeves was no ordinary lawman and his legendary career is marked with stories that will make you smile, squirm and thank your lucky stars he isn’t coming after you.

Episode 13 Ben Thompson by Bat Masterson

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In 1907, Bat Masterson was asked by Human Life Magazine to write a series of articles about the famous gunfighters he rode with in the days of the old west. In Episode 13, we hear from Bat Masterson as he talks about what makes a great gunfighter and tells us about his gunfighting friend, Ben Thompson.

Bat Masterson, in his own words – on episode 13 of the Drift and Ramble Podcast.

Fear is the title of Episode 10…

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With Halloween upon us, there is no better topic than Fear for this latest episode. Four different stories appear in this creepy episode: Fear the Coyote. Fear the unknown. The Ghost of El Barracho and the mysterious Civil War legend of Angels Glow from the battle of Shiloh. This episode may be too graphic for some listens. Listener discretion is advised.

Episode 8: Whiskey Talkin’

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Just Released! Episode 8: Whiskey Talkin’ with Reid Mitenbuler – Author of “Bourbon Empire, The Past & Future of America’s Whiskey.” Reid takes us through the history of American Whiskey from it’s earliest forms into it’s current state – and there are plenty of surprises along the way. Reid also offers some personal reflections on enjoying bourbon and dispels some myths about whiskey, too. Even if you don’t imbibe, you’ll still find plenty to enjoy about the story of American Whiskey and it’s role in the Frontier economy.

Just Released! Episode 7: All That Glitters: Part 3 of 3

Just Released! Episode 7: All That Glitters: Part 3 of 3 – In this episode, we continue our look at Virginia City with a look at the gunfighter as Mark Twain’s recollections of “desperadoism” in the old west. We learn about Nevada’s worst mining disaster,  visit the graveyard and end with a look at one of the many saloons still in operation in this once vastly important center of national pride and commerce. Then we flash forward 100 years to the 1960s to witness the birth of the psychedelic music scene at the Red Dog Saloon – which launched many previously unknown bands into rock stardom. It all starts with the discovery of gold and silver and ends with gold records in our final segment in this 3 part series. We want to thank journalist Andrew Lau and the folks at Perfect Sound Forever.com for the use of the great article Andrew wrote about The Red Dog Saloon and we also want to thank Banjo Master Bill Knopf for his amazing rendition of the William Tell Overture / Bonanza Theme used in this episode.

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All That Glitters: Part 2 of 3

Episode 6: All That Glitters – Part 2 of 3: In this episode we find out if the Grosh Brothers struck it rich with their promising Gold and Silver find near what is now Virginia City. We’ll also meet a young Samuel Clemens, who comes to town with no specific vocation but leaves as Mark Twain. We hear from a mining expert and a local historian about the silver mine swindles and stock market manipulation and we have special guests Finnius and Bill from the Tattooed Bananas Podcast who play the rolls of Mark Twain and Johnson Simmons respectively.

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All That Glitters: Part 1 of 3

Episode 5 : All That Glitters – In part one of this three part series, we meet the Grosh Brothers and follow them from through their adventures from the peak of the Gold Rush through the discovery of America’s richest Silver strike. Their incredible story is detailed through a series of 82 letters preserved by the families. You’ll be amazed at the stories of these two young men and their adventures as they give us first hand accounts of the journey and hardships they faced during the trip to California during 1849 Gold Rush and Beyond. Do the boys strike it rich? Have a listen and find out! Their story leads us into what was then called the Utah Territory. (It would soon become Nevada) and Virginia City, the site of the discovery of the incredible Comstock Lode.

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Drift & Ramble Receives Praise In Huffington Post Review!

Marc Hershon reviews Drift & Ramble Podcast For Huffington Post

Imagine our surprise when we started seeing tweets about a podcast review that mentions The Drift & Ramble Podcast? We realized, albeit a bit latIMG_4837e, that Marc Hershon, branding expert and co-author of the business book “I Hate People!” and host of “Succotash”, a Comedy Podcast – wrote a very positive review of our podcast to share with the universe. Within just weeks of our debut episode!  We are indeed, gobsmacked and very appreciative of the mention.  What follows is Marc’s review.

Drift & Ramble – S1E4: Bodie Ghost Town

I’m not quite sure where you classify new podcast Drift & Ramble: True Stories & American Legends, but it’s an interesting listen for sure. Hosted by Steve Blizin, its focus is on just what the subtitle suggests: Stories and legends that, at least in Season One, seem to be circled around the American West.

This latest drop is all about Bodie, an Old West ghost town in the Sierras. Blizin and wife Cheryl do some deep homework (with the help of an assistant ranger in Bodie who really knows his stuff) to breathe life into the history of a place that time has pretty much forgotten.

Inhospitable terrain above the treeline in the Sierra makes Bodie an unlikely spot for a town but the lure of gold on the heels of the Gold Rush at Sutter’s Mill 10 years earlier drew prospectors and opportunists like moth to the flame. Blizin spins out a history that seems like episodes of HBO’s Deadwood strung together, plus the tantalizing promise of real dead ghosts.

In what I can only label as a podcasting first (any ghost-hunting EVP tracks not withstanding), we’re treated to an audio recording made by Blizin in the local Bodie graveyard in the sane light of day…and one can clearly hear the sound of a child’s voice in the mix of wind and other sounds.

Except there were no children in view as far as the Blizins, who were both on hand, could see. (Cue the theremin…)

Blizin’s delivery is laidback and engaging, similar to the comfortable tones of Rex Allen, late Western actor and narrator of the old Disney nature films. This is a great podcast to enjoy with the kids, old radio style, if you can pull them away from Pokémon Go long enough.

You can find our podcast on iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher, Soundcloud & Tunein.

Goodbye God. We’re Going To Bodie!

There’s a story often told about a young girl’s quote upon learning her family was moving from Aroura to the nearby town of Bodie. She’s said to exclaim “Goodbye God. We’re going to Bodie!” It was printed in the newspapers this way which only added to Bodie’s outrageous reputation for lawlessness, debauchery and mayhem. Many have speculated this was actually a typographical error and what she actually said was “Good. Bye God, we’re going to Bodie! Regardless of her intent, the Drift & Ramble Podcast team is headed off to Bodie, too. We’re going to learn about the people and stories from this well preserved Ghost Town. Bodie has it all: Colorful characters, rich gold strikes …and a curse! Find out why Bodie was one of the wildest towns of the wild west on the next episode of the Drift & Ramble Podcast.