Goodbye God. We’re Going To Bodie!

There’s a story often told about a young girl’s quote upon learning her family was moving from Aroura to the nearby town of Bodie. She’s said to exclaim “Goodbye God. We’re going to Bodie!” It was printed in the newspapers this way which only added to Bodie’s outrageous reputation for lawlessness, debauchery and mayhem. Many have speculated this was actually a typographical error and what she actually said was “Good. Bye God, we’re going to Bodie! Regardless of her intent, the Drift & Ramble Podcast team is headed off to Bodie, too. We’re going to learn about the people and stories from this well preserved Ghost Town. Bodie has it all: Colorful characters, rich gold strikes …and a curse! Find out why Bodie was one of the wildest towns of the wild west on the next episode of the Drift & Ramble Podcast.