Drift & Ramble Receives Praise In Huffington Post Review!

Marc Hershon reviews Drift & Ramble Podcast For Huffington Post

Imagine our surprise when we started seeing tweets about a podcast review that mentions The Drift & Ramble Podcast? We realized, albeit a bit latIMG_4837e, that Marc Hershon, branding expert and co-author of the business book “I Hate People!” and host of “Succotash”, a Comedy Podcast – wrote a very positive review of our podcast to share with the universe. Within just weeks of our debut episode!  We are indeed, gobsmacked and very appreciative of the mention.  What follows is Marc’s review.

Drift & Ramble – S1E4: Bodie Ghost Town

I’m not quite sure where you classify new podcast Drift & Ramble: True Stories & American Legends, but it’s an interesting listen for sure. Hosted by Steve Blizin, its focus is on just what the subtitle suggests: Stories and legends that, at least in Season One, seem to be circled around the American West.

This latest drop is all about Bodie, an Old West ghost town in the Sierras. Blizin and wife Cheryl do some deep homework (with the help of an assistant ranger in Bodie who really knows his stuff) to breathe life into the history of a place that time has pretty much forgotten.

Inhospitable terrain above the treeline in the Sierra makes Bodie an unlikely spot for a town but the lure of gold on the heels of the Gold Rush at Sutter’s Mill 10 years earlier drew prospectors and opportunists like moth to the flame. Blizin spins out a history that seems like episodes of HBO’s Deadwood strung together, plus the tantalizing promise of real dead ghosts.

In what I can only label as a podcasting first (any ghost-hunting EVP tracks not withstanding), we’re treated to an audio recording made by Blizin in the local Bodie graveyard in the sane light of day…and one can clearly hear the sound of a child’s voice in the mix of wind and other sounds.

Except there were no children in view as far as the Blizins, who were both on hand, could see. (Cue the theremin…)

Blizin’s delivery is laidback and engaging, similar to the comfortable tones of Rex Allen, late Western actor and narrator of the old Disney nature films. This is a great podcast to enjoy with the kids, old radio style, if you can pull them away from Pokémon Go long enough.

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