IMG_1505Steve Blizin: Host|Producer 

Growing up in the Washington D.C. area, Steve had access to some of histories most engaging locations and helping him to develop a strong interest in the historical events that often seemed neglected by textbooks.

Cheryl Blizin: Director|Research

As a true Californian with an extensive background in research, Cheryl is also instrumental in providing voice talent and directing audio productions for Clear Voice Media.


Listener Feedback:

I really enjoyed the three part series “All that Glitters”. I appreciated the story arc that spanned from gold seeking travelers in the 1850’s to fame seeking musicians in the 1960’s. It appears that all who traveled to the Carson City area were tough as leather. Your story-telling brought humanity to each character, so that I could understand why they would undertake their crazy voyages. You have a great way of interviewing the most interesting people that are able to bring history to life. I am very much looking forward to the next episode on American whiskey. Bourbon is so uniquely American, that I can’t wait to learn what kind of interesting characters created it. – Lynda L.


I am so excited to share these podcasts with my family. My daughter asks what is the point mom? By listening to a story you use your imagination, there are no pictures. You close your eyes and imagine pictures in your head. Hmm, She says “i think i would really like that”…. Maureen K.