Drift And Ramble Podcast Season 1 Episode 2 Elmer McCurdy

Shot and killed after his bungled train robbery, Elmer McCurdy is embalmed and enjoys a long and fabled career as a famous dead guy until fading into obscurity. But when his body is finally discovered again, it takes a team of forensic scientists to reunite him with his name – and fame! Get the rest of the story in Episode Two of the Drift And Ramble Podcast

Drift And Ramble Podcast Season 1 Episode 1 Elmer McCurdy

When Elmer McCurdy decided to become an outlaw, it didn’t go very well for him. He bungled every crime he committed. Then he was shot and killed and that’s when things got weird. In this episode, part one of the true life (and death) story of Elmer McCurdy – “the outlaw who wouldn’t give up.”

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