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I was recently honored to be interviewed by Dan Lizette from Podcast Digest. Dan has interviewed some of the biggest and brightest stars of podcasting and it felt like winning the lottery when he reached out to our little show. Dan has a way of getting folks to open up about things. It’s a unique and intimate conversation that you get to participate in and I highly recommend Podcast Digest for anyone looking to gain insight on the podcasts they love but maybe haven’t met yet. The episode I appear on is #130 but I can say that just about any episode you choose to listen to, will inspire, entertain and inform you. I strongly urge you to subscribe to his podcast to learn about new shows and get the inside scoop on your favorites.

EP 20 is Now Live! The History of the Six Gun.

The six gun is perhaps the west’s most iconic hardware. In EP 20 we trace the origins of the revolver from it’s unlikely source of inspiration to the point at which it won the west. Along the way we’ll learn about the triumphs and tragedies that surround the developers of the six shooter as well as those who lived and died by the gun.

EP 19 Nat Love Is Live!

Nat Love is America’s best known cowboy of color. Born into slavery, he rose from pauper to author and along the way, shares a lifetime of adventure. Earning the nickname “Deadwood Dick,” Nat survives being captured by Indians, Buffalo stampedes other madcap encounters like trying to lasso a passing train. Nat overcomes his obstacles and writes himself into history as an America Icon.

EP 18 Bass Reeves – Preeminent Lawman of The Old West

Among the many fabled lawmen of the old west, Bass Reeves was remarkable. He may have been the inspiration behind the Lone Ranger. Bass was a man whose storied career is one of triumph over adversity, relentless dedication to his craft and a brilliant example of who showed respect, honor, humility and humanity in a world and time when little existed.  Bass Reeves was no ordinary lawman and his legendary career is marked with stories that will make you smile, squirm and thank your lucky stars he isn’t coming after you.

The Mysterious Woman From Tombstone

Was the gunfight at the OK Corral fought over a woman? How did Josephine “Sadie” Marcus wind up in the center of that epic storm?  Though there are many mysteries surrounding the final Mrs. Wyatt Earp, one thing that is certain is how she changed the Earp story forever. EP 17 is all about the mysterious woman of Tombstone: Josephine Marcus Earp.

EP 16: Big Nose Kate – Now Live!

They say the most successful relationships happen with a couple who share a common interest. Doc Holliday was a quick tempered, hair triggered, card hustler in the old west. His common law bride shared many of the same qualities. In this episode, we’ll learn a little about the woman behind one of the west’s most legendary figures. The story of Big Nose Kate is every bit as legendary. No matter how volatile their love life was, what some people may do for love will surprise you.

The True Story Of Wyatt Earp – EP 15 Now Playing!

The true story of Wyatt Earp isn’t you’re probably familiar with. Thanks to Hollywood, Josephine Marcus and an author named Stuart Lake, what we think we know is that this famous lawman made his bones with the gunfight at the OK corral. But what really made Wyatt Earp famous may surprise you. It had nothing to do with gun play.  Still, the true story of this American icon is no less fascinating. Wyatt Earp is featured in Episode 15.

Our Doc Holliday Special (EP 14) Now Playing!

The gunfight at the OK corral only lasted 30 seconds but two men associated with that brief battle would become the most widely recognized gunfighters of the wild west. So, why did it take 50 years for the the story to become legend and just who was this man we think we know named “Doc Holliday?” Find in EP 14 of the Drift & Ramble Podcast!

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Episode 13 Ben Thompson by Bat Masterson

In 1907, Bat Masterson was asked by Human Life Magazine to write a series of articles about the famous gunfighters he rode with in the days of the old west. In Episode 13, we hear from Bat Masterson as he talks about what makes a great gunfighter and tells us about his gunfighting friend, Ben Thompson.

Bat Masterson, in his own words – on episode 13 of the Drift and Ramble Podcast.